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Moving Supplies


Moving Supplies

You need supplies before you begin the moving or storage process. AA Northland Stor-All provides moving supplies for your convenience. We will help you choose the right products to make your move easier.


Cylinder Lock $14.95
Disc Lock $9.95
Laminated Lock (2 inch) $7.95


Small $1.65
Medium $2.60
Large $3.30
Extra Large $4.95

Mattress Bags

Twin Mattress Bag $4.50
Full Mattress Bag $2.50
Queen Mattress Bag $3.00
King Mattress Bag $3.75

Bubble Wrap

Small Bag $2.99
Large Bag $24.99

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper $14.95/Per Box


Roll $1.95


Poly rope $2.99

All merchandise sales are subject to sales tax which is not included in prices shown above.

AA Northland Stor-All has any moving supplies you may need. Contact us online or at (816) 587-5330 today!